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    Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and the wind is breezing, Donald feels like a totally new person this morning. “What a good day!”

    “Morning, dear, postman has left something in front of the door. Would you mind if I open it?” It’s Wisconsin.

    “What is it?”

    “A pack of corns. What are we going to do with it? Let’s have some pop corn?”

    “Do I look like a pop corn? That’s the seeds I asked before!”

    “My! You bring it here by magic! Breakfast is ready, take it easy!”

    It is a short breakfast. For the first time, Wisconsin noticed hot milk was so delicious. She planned to joggle outside, maybe in the field cross the cottage. But Donald said joggling was too boring. He was observing a flower at the door, “It looks much better than yesterday. I just planted 3 weeks ago. See? Flowers make a person optimistic.”

    “I love flowers. But it is not that easy to plant a beautiful flower, and keep it blooming in every season. This is not the first one that you have.”

    “Yes, I have flowers ever since I lived in this house. They are not always like that. Most importantly you need to love them.Are you interested to have one?”

    “Hmm, of course. But I know it is difficult work. What shall we do first?”

    “You need to plant seeds in the field, you know. But I’m out of flower seeds now. We should tell the postman unfortunately he has left.”


    “Remember those corns? They can also be planted in the field. Just need some time to work on that.”

    “No worry. I can work on that and it will be done in a rocket time. I’m going to the field right now!” She grabbed the pack and went out.

    “You should plant them one by one. I mean one in a hole, then another. You need to water them immediately after planted.”

    Wisconsin has already out of the door. Not sure whether she has heard about this.

    The whole morning was such quiet and pleasant. After some tea, Donald thought he’d better to take a look. With a pipe and a pot of tea he went for Wisconsin. For god sake hope she didn’t mess it up.

    In the field Wisconsin was busy with the corns, you can see her funny tail from far far away. How happy she could be! Donald shouted, “Hey, Wisconsin, I bring you some tea. Let’s take a rest first.”

    On My Goodness! What happened? The field was covered with a bunch of birds. They are running all over the field, poohing but also eating there. 

    “Urh... Punk ass! Why are you doing it this way?!”

    “Hey, they love our land, don’t you see that? One seed for one hole. They did help me for that. We will have a fertile land from today.”

    “Are you sure?! They have eaten more than you planted.”

    “Don’t be too serious. There are still plenty more. After one week, little corns will come out.”

    “That is out of my expectation. We will see.”

    At 22:00, pray time is here. But surprisingly god didn’t come. Donald felt upset and fell asleep very fast.