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    Man's life in this world is as brief as a glimpse of a white colt flashing past a chink in the wall.(人生如白驹过隙,转瞬即逝。) One week has past quickly. What happened to the corn field? Donald refused to take a look there many times and God didn’t show up in that week.

    “Donald, I think the field doesn’t like corns. I checked this morning, still nothing grew up there. Is it because of not enough water?”

    “Hum, who knows? I told you that was a bad idea.” Donald snorted. He was thinking how many corns have been left.

    “Yeah, probably you are right. But have you seen the backyard? It has something new there. I think they are corns.” Wisconsin gave a smile and waiting to see Donald’s response.

    “I’m preparing some tea. If they are corns, you can get some extra sugar in your cup. Where is your cup?”

    Wisconsin felt unsatisfied and at a loose end. “He must be a stubborn old man. Otherwise he won’t want a lesbian roommate.” She muttered to herself.

    “Actually, the field in front of our house can still be used. What’s your opinion?” Wisconsin expected Donald to say something. I bet you probably already know about this.

    “I don’t know. It’s up to you. We don’t have enough corns and bird shits. Would you like some brown sugar?” Donald is a Slytherin.

    “Never mind. I’ll water those corns and the field in front yard. Yeah, I can help birds to create a nest there, have a tall tree and get back you some coffee. What would you say?”

    Donald laughed, “You are a big fan for instant coffee. You can have a try. Birds shit, Urh...”

    “Seriously? I like flower tea, flower and tea. How about we have a flower land at front?”


    “Hello, are you there?” No sound from Donald’s side.Very likely he fell asleep. Wisconsin went out to the field quietly, thinking what to do with this land.

    That day is quite boring. Birds seemed forget to sing on the tree, and there was no moon at night. A storm was forming, bad! 

    At 22:00, Donald went to bed as usual and expected the appearance of god. 

    “Dear god, would you please help me today?”

    “Yes, my dear. How are you recently? I’ve been too busy a week.” A gentle sound replied.

    “So grateful you are here! Wisconsin did a corn field but not in the front yard. Maybe we can have more food in autumn.”

    “This is great news. But you seemed still unhappy.”

    “No. It’s just what shall we do with the front yard? You know what the problem with that land?”

    “What problem could it be? It is my land and your land. Do you have any earthworms in your refrigerator? I heard they are good with sandwiches.”

    “That’s what I have for breakfast recently. Wisconsin doesn’t like that. She is a picky pig.”

    “Shut up. Fried earthworms, she tried that before. One month of fried earthworms, shall we say that’s a little punishment for her?”

    “Why I didn’t think about that?” Even cannot wait, Donald went out with that box of earthworms and threw them into the front yard. Then back with a whistling.

    The other morning Donald got up really early and grabbed some earthworms for breakfast. Wisconsin just came downstairs when breakfast was ready. 

    “Morning, dear, check out our new cuisine. A restaurant has booked this in this month. So we will have fried earthworms sandwiches every morning in this month. ”

    “What? My goodness! It must be an exotic restaurant. I bet you will want me to find those earthworms. Come on!”

    “No bother. They have been fed in the front yard. Just dig some on the morning. No big deal.”

    “Thanks. That is my flower land.”

    “But now you got some good breakfast.” Donald snapped his fingers with a big bite of the sandwiches.

    “Urh... God bless you!” Wisconsin skipped the breakfast and went for watering the corn fields.

    This should be what will happen in next episode. When Wisconsin came to the back yard, all the maize have been flattened by the storm. Almost all of them!

    “Donald, you are a Slytherin from bottom to top.”