• ShitRain

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    “We will need corn in autumn. We will need corn in autumn. We will need corn in autumn.” 

    Wisconsin was murmuring these words again and again this morning. Somebody hit him by the head. Autumn was not here yet, why bother?

    Like yesterday mentioned, Donald did prepare fried earthworm sandwiches. Wisconsin had the breakfast she could never forget, a taste of mud spread in her mouth. 

    “Puke! God hates me perhaps. The back yard was flat now, as flat as a play ground. Would you mind to have a play ground?”

    “I don’t mind. But I know it is a corn field. What do you want to do?”

    “I’m not sure. What corns could do?”

    “We will need some water in the front yard, to feed earthworms, if you don’t mind.”

    “We just had a heavy rain, dear. ”

    “Yes, yes, then what’s your suggestion?”

    Wisconsin felt a wide rage coming from her feet, with another word she would be yelling at Donald. “What can I do? ”

    “Why don’t you pray for the sun? The mill-man said you are a Christian.”

    Donald stopped a little, “Bah! Why would he say so? You can also have a try, since you are a Christian, too.”

    “I was a Christian but maybe I can still be one. I’ll try to pray for the sun.”

    Closing to the nightfall, Wisconsin went out for a walk, alone. A group of birds flied back from far far away. This was quite a scene. But they landed on the earthworm field, Uh-oh, “Shi---t!” Wisconsin yelled. A shit rain has past by her.

    “What have I done? They probably will also eat some earthworms. Why don’t they move to the back yard? Bah!”

    In today’s pray time, Donald has a big smile on his face, felt quite satisfied and went to bed. Pray for poor Wisconsin.