• SunflowersSeeds

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    A few days have past since that storm. The earthworm sandwiches were routine breakfast every day. Wisconsin was still not a big fan for it, but she didn’t need to prepare the breakfast. 

    She has went to the back yard every day, to check whether any help could be offered to the corn field. Luckily god did send some birds to visit this field. After these few days, the corns stood up a little magically. Wisconsin felt much more encouraged. But Donald seems not that into it. He kept watering the front yard, so never worry about out of earthworm.

    These are two my dear friends. I even forgot they were one rooster and one pig. They have two fields, one with corns and the other with earthworms. The month has past middle. Maybe we will have something new since today.

    “Postman has stopped by today. He has left a pack on the table. I’m not sure what’s that for.” Wisconsin told Donald when she noticed he has come down for dinner.

    “Oh, some sun flower seeds.” A little surprised probably.

    “Sigh! I thought that would be from far far away.” Wisconsin squinted with her finger twitched.

    “Hmm, we finally got something for the front yard. Do you agree?”

    “Yup. I can plant them if you wish.” She felt embarrassed, “You probably would prefer some other options.”

    “Never mind. Sooner rather than later.”


    After 2 hours, Wisconsin has put all the sun flowers into the fields. Birds are not here yet. “Best regards. And don’t eat them, dear earthworms.”

    Wisconsin slept early that night. As usual pray time was there. 

    “Good night, my dear. I saw you had some sun flowers. Where did you get them?”

    “Postman stopped by. Wisconsin has planted them. So not long after we will be able to see some flowers in the land. Almost smelt them.”

    “Great news! Cannot imagine she knows how to plant the seeds. What have you done?”

    “What can I say? It’s magic. She was not that stupid. Every morning she still cannot stand with the earthworm sandwiches. Haha, that’s like a joke a day.”

    “Keep the doctor away...” Her sound faded away.

    “It’s nice to have some flowers again. I love sun flowers. But Wisconsin is not a good name I like. Oh, there is still one box of earthworms in the refrigerator. ” He ran out of the house and poured them into the front yard. There was a beautiful moon hanging on the tree, Donald admired the scene for a while. “Why won’t I prepare some tomato tomorrow morning? ” See? Flowers make a person optimistic.

    Wisconsin waked up in the middle night. Out of the window the moon was watching her, too. The light was so bright she even felt a little faint. “The night without a light reminds me a silk flowing away. ” She waved her funny tail and back to sleep.