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    Today everything is shining, what happened? Do you know that sun flowers can collect sun power? Ready for a sober up!

    “Yeah!” There was a happy shout from the backyard. Wisconsin cannot wait to kiss Donald, “The corns are alive again. No kidding! I know they will pay me back. What would you say?”

    Donald shrugged and went back to dining room.

    “We have out of earthworm. What would you say?”

    “I can get some from the front yard. And also check what happened to the sun flowers. Are you sure we still need some earthworm sandwiches? They are not companion with tomatoes.”

    “The restaurant booked that. I’ll see what they want this time. But this morning, earthworm sandwiches still on the list. What would you say?”

    “Bah!” She went out of the door and skipped her breakfast. A month may be not that long, that’s why she still didn’t like that new style sandwich. But restaurants said it is going to be the best of the year.

    Wisconsin went to the front yard, singing a September song. “Wake me up when September ends.”

    “Oh my!” The front yard was just like before, not a single flower-bud has come out of the field. She felt depressed, maybe it was not that fast. She couched and digging the field with a small stick, “Ah, an earthworm >_<” A really long and big earthworm came out and wiggled, trying to get back to the even darker area of the ground. This time she decided to grab this one and took it back to Donald. Then earthworms cannot eat the sun flowers bud.

    One week has past by really fast. The front yard was still empty, nothing appeared there. Wisconsin has cursed earthworms for quit a while, but you know they are mud foodies. Wisconsin walked in the field round and round, even talking with the birds and trees. She felt totally out of her mind.

    “OK. Donald, would you mind to take a look at the front yard? I beg your pardon. The seeds are fake! The postman is a liar!” She cannot help to yell a little.

    “No worry. I’ll go and check it out. Why don’t you eat your earthworm sandwiches? No panic. I’ll take a look.” Donald decided to finish his breakfast first, then asked Wisconsin to go with him.

    In the front yard, Donald digged a while, “Seems the seed have been buried to deep, not enough air and sunshine to help it come out of the earth.” 

    “I thought that was the earthworms. They are seeds with power. Power of life that are going to astonish us. Apparently it is not that accurately.”

    “I don’t know, dear. You have digged a hole that is too deep for a seed. So it didn’t become a flower but a seed forever. What would you say?”

    “What shall we do now? Hoeing the ground again, listening to the birds singing all around, then it will be fine?”

    “What happen to birds? Actually I’m not sure, you can try to turn over the soil and water them again. That could help.”

    “Sign...” With a sign, Wisconsin stood up and went back to the cottage. She loves the sunshine, she loves the day when the flower blooming. Someone saying she has built a grave yard for the sun flowers, but you know she loves them.

    Wisconsin didn’t say a word in the rest of the day. Donald the same. He checked the backyard for the first time, corns stood up again, taller a little. And then he gave them some water. He didn’t want the pray time that day. A little awkward to tell and totally no idea how to continue next. He looked at the flowers he had at the door, lost in thought until a bird flied by. The little thing stood on the tree on his right hand, made some awful noises.

    It was September 30th. End of the earthworms sandwiches month. October will be even colder. “Wisconsin, maybe I should tell you, seeds are not for autumn.”