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    Guess when was the time for harvesting some corns from the backyard? Donald said it was today! Our three friends, bear Young, rooster Donald and piggy Wisconsin decided to do it by their own. “It is a small yard. Too small for a farming machine. We can do it in the morning, and in the afternoon we could get some corn soup.” This was what proposed by Donald.

    The next minute was in the backyard. Ah, I lost my words right now. There was an old Chinese story that could probably explained what happened. Young volunteered to be the front one breaking off the corns, then, threw off it to the back.

    “Yida!” With a big hurrah Wisconsin caught the corn into her basket. Then another to Donald, he tried his best to catch the corn right into his small basket. Much smaller then the one from Wisconsin.

    Young kept running in the front, corns were flying in the sky, fell into baskets with a beautiful curve. At last, Young was holding two corns under his arms while Donald had three, Wisconsin had, Aha, 25! Actually she went back to home to get a bigger basket, after that she decided to pick the corns from the yard since Young had thrown them away and Donald didn’t catch them. Not bad, she got 25 corns.

    It was such a busy morning. As steaks are served for lunch, got some wonderful tomato soup, these three collapsed in the sofa. Everything tasted better after some sweating moments. 

    “I still want some pop-corns.” Young fondled his belly and said.

    “Go ahead! Microwave oven is over there. If I have a restaurant I would also want to serve some pop corns after meal. How do you feel?” Donald was asking Wisconsin.

    “Yeah, that could be the after-meal dessert. I remember we know a restaurant. Last time they ordered that weird earthworm sandwiches. Not sure about this time.” Replied Wisconsin.

    “Yeah, this could save some finance crisis for us. ”

    “I would also suggest to deliver some to the mill-man. And he can help us to make some little corn pellets. He mentioned that last time. Could also be a new dish, probably.”

    Young was surprised, “Why would we give our corns away? My mother always diggerred a hole in the ground and keep them fresh there. You can get them whenever you want during the winter, even spring.”

    “Dear, we have refrigerators now. Why would you still prefer a hole?” This is Donald. 

    “Because this is countryside. I can do that, a useful hole in the backyard. It’s not that difficult.”

    Wisconsin frowned her eye-brows, making her mouth shaped like, “We-ir-do Bear”. 

    “N-ooo. He doesn’t share food, I guess.” Donald strangely didn’t make a fuss about that.

    That afternoon Donald called the restaurant and they made a deal, popcorn service for one week. He also recommended the little corn pellets Wisconsin mentioned. But they had no idea how to deal with it. 

    Young was at the backyard in the whole afternoon, working on something so unbelievable. Nobody wanted to bother him now. He was such a bear that really into himself.

    Wisconsin felt really wonderful today. Have you recalled that those corns were planted by her? She has helped those corns through the storming days and finally they are safe in the pocket. She was smiling all the time in the sofa, muttering I think. Next she opened her mobile phone, and downloaded an app. “We are going to have a new dish.” She knocked the table to Donald.

    “What is it?”

    “Corn porridge. I found it on this app. See? People on internet are marvelous!”

    At the pray time today, Donald went to bed early than usual. Young was not a prayer. But Wisconsin did, she agreed to be responsible for this porridge for one month and only the restaurant they knew could serve it also. So encouraging, my corn and my porridge! Right about to fall asleep, she heard that strange sound again, tiny and right into the eardrum. It sounds like something was moving the furniture in downstairs, slowly but not silently. There was a chilling from her back. She even failed to turn on the light, and fell asleep. It seemed the other two didn’t hear about the sound. That was why they didn’t wake up.

    Something wrong in the house? I don’t know.